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What is PR Power Play?


Introducing PR Power Play, our groundbreaking roadmap to not just grasp the essence of creating high impact visibility, clout, and credibility but dominating all three to bolster your brand and ascend to true thought leadership.

Our methodology hinges on three foundational pillars:

#1: The Power of Publicity 

In a world saturated with fleeting ad campaigns and transient trends, the permanence and potency of media publicity stands tall.

Our High-Ticket Media Mastery method emphasizes how media publicity doesn’t just get you in the limelight; it ensures you own it.

By tapping into strategic media avenues, you’re not just borrowing audiences, but converting them into loyal followers, ensuring your brand's longevity and resilience in an ever-changing market.

#2: The Human-First Method

Visibility isn't just about being seen; it's about being remembered.

Clout isn't just about influence; it's about trust.

And credibility isn't just about trust; it's about authority.

Our human-first method drives home the essence of these three core tenets.

When combined, they don’t just drive revenue, they command it, setting your brand on a trajectory of unstoppable growth and unparalleled influence.

#3: PR Agency Results Without The Price Tag

While many remain ensnared in the costly webs of PR agencies, our Good News Blueprint catapults you to the forefront of your industry.

This book doesn’t just advise; it equips.

With strategies distilled from two decades of PR expertise, we offer a roadmap to soaring visibility, unwavering credibility, and unmatched clout without the hefty agency price tag.

Leveraging these pillars, myriad businesses and brands have transitioned from the periphery to center stage, capturing audiences and driving monumental revenue.

With PR Power Play, your brand can transcend traditional PR confines, seizing opportunities and etching an indelible legacy. We invite you to embark on this transformative journey.

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250 Page Digital Book

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Make a Media Kit

Elevate your brand with ease. This Module inside the PR Power Play membership site will guide in creating your own eye-catching, captivating media kit, like a pro.

Thought Leadership: A Guide

Dive into expert strategies and actionable insights that will transform you into a thought leader in your industry.

Develop Your Dream 100

An exclusive offering and invaluable resource guiding you through the process of identifying and connecting with the top influencers and decision-makers in your industry.


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"So, How Do You Master the World of PR Without Spending a Fortune?"

From: PR Power Play Author

Location: Park City, Utah


Hey there,

Ever wanted to elevate your brand's visibility and make a lasting impact in your industry?

Here's my revelation: Put aside expensive PR agencies and old-school methods... It's all about the Good News Blueprint.


A quick history: My PR journey started over two decades ago...

In this span, I've elevated countless brands from obscurity to being recognized industry leaders... with their stories being told in top-tier media outlets. Not to mention, their thought leadership now stands unparalleled in their domains.

But here's the golden nugget: Within the first 6-months of implementing my strategies, brands were already garnering massive media attention and seeing substantial revenue growth.

Jump to the present, and I've guided countless businesses to confidently launch products, establish themselves as thought leaders, and generate impressive revenue.

When you break that down in terms of ROI and brand growth the results are undeniable.

Here's what’s even better:

My approach spares you from hiring expensive PR agencies.

I sidestep exhaustive outreach and avoid the pitfalls of traditional PR mistakes.

(In fact, my entire process is super streamlined ‚Äď just a concise, tested blueprint that's proven to yield results).

Implementing the Good News Blueprint? Just a fraction of your resources and time.

When I realized the potency of this strategy, it was only natural to share with others.

Hesitant at first (thinking maybe I just hit a sweet spot by chance), it was a revelation to see the strategy work wonders for many!

Those I shared with didn’t just see moderate growth...

...they experienced brand transformations, attracting high-ticket clients and elevating their brand value exponentially.

With this approach, the benefits of effective PR have been nothing short of transformative.

As others (perhaps even you) grapple with finding their space in the vast media landscape...

...I'm inundated with success stories, testimonials, and brands that have redefined their industries.

Such is my influence now that brands can be ultra-selective in their media engagements, often turning away opportunities because their stature has elevated.

Imagine: mastering PR to be the game-changer you've been seeking for brand visibility, credibility, and scaling.

After dedicating years to mastering my strategy and seeing its wonders across industries…

...I'm thrilled to unveil a comprehensive guide, encapsulating my entire journey and method, aptly titled: "PR Power Play".

The PR Power Play Book

See How to Get Media Features in Media Like Mashable, and the NY Times Each Month Without Spending Hours Outreaching Per Day


Inside, I'll unveil the steps to craft your very own game-changing, industry-leading good-news-getting program.

If you're a brand owner, PR strategist, or marketing manager... and you're keen on securing top-tier media coverage effortlessly... "PR Power Play" is designed just for you.

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In A Moment, I'll Dive Into What Awaits You When You Decide to Explore the Power of Strategic Media Placement...

...but first, let me share how I stumbled upon this game-changing PR approach:

After completing my Masters in Public Relations from the nation’s leading university in communications, I embarked on a mission to leverage media for brands to carve their unique mark in their respective industries, over two decades ago.

The theoretical knowledge, garnered from a prestigious institution, came naturally to me.

But the real-world application, especially for startups with limited resources and trying to establish a foothold in competitive markets? Quite the opposite.

I was somewhat naive about the tangible impact of focused media attention for a brand.

I lacked a strategic framework for turning media spotlights into substantial brand growth.

And I most certainly underestimated the ripple effect of a single article in a top-tier publication. Thus, those initial years saw me navigating through the maze of PR, trying varied strategies with a mix of intuition and acquired knowledge.

Through trial, error, heartbreak, and successes, I started to notice a strategy that worked...




Invigorated with validating this strategy out more, I collaborated with an innovative nutritional supplements startup.

Within a few months, we secured pivotal features in renowned health publications, pivoting the brand from obscurity to industry recognition.

The initial results? A surge in sales and brand credibility.

Soon, what began as occasional media mentions transformed into consistent, influential features.

In a timeframe shorter than most PR campaigns, this startup's revenue and reputation skyrocketed, with every media mention amplifying their growth.

But this triumph wasn't isolated. This experience was a testament to the power of strategic media placement, a lesson I've carried and refined throughout my career.

This strategy is what I started to call the PR Power Play.

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What's in the Book?


Inside the PR Power Play Book, I'll share the exact framework I use to generate billions of media impressions per month for fortune 500 companies.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside:

Part 1: The State of the Union

  • Page Number 5:¬†Discover Why Publicity Trumps Traditional Advertising - Unveil the unmatched power of publicity and learn why it is the foremost marketing tool, backed by research, for elevating your brand's presence.
  • Page Numbers 23-28:¬†Unlock PR Benefits for Businesses of Every Size - Shatter the myth that PR is only for the big players. Dive into strategies tailored for all businesses, ensuring reputation enhancement, influential relationships, and genuine audience connections.
  • Page Numbers 41-83:¬†Navigate & Overcome the Five PR Hurdles - Identify and tackle the five core challenges in PR. Equip yourself with practical solutions to ensure you never get stuck, irrespective of time, team, or budget constraints.

Part 2: The Good News Blueprint

  • Page Number 112:¬†Craft a Perfect Pitch Target List - Master the art of creating a comprehensive 'Connecting Index' and employ advanced tools to swiftly identify the right media contacts, optimizing your pitch success rate.
  • Page Number 138:¬†Unearth Powerful Story Ideas for Your Pitch - Never run out of compelling stories. Adopt unique search tools to consistently generate gripping narratives that capture attention.
  • Page Number 156:¬†Master the Art of Effective Pitching - Enhance your pitch game with a proven Pitch Perfect Checklist and result-driven email templates, emphasizing genuine personalization and efficient follow-up techniques.
  • Page Number 164:¬†Measure & Celebrate Your PR Success - Track and evaluate your PR campaigns using crucial metrics. Understand your impact through sentiment analysis, reach, and engagement to continually refine your approach.


Part 3: The Business of Pitching and Publicity

  • Page Numbers 180-181:¬†Seamlessly Scale Your PR Efforts - Discover a detailed roadmap to effortlessly scale your PR pipeline by leveraging virtual assistants. Achieve more, while doing less.
  • Page Number 205-206:¬†Convert Media Mentions into Loyal Followers - Craft irresistible offers to transform your borrowed media audience into loyal fans, driving conversions and traffic.
  • Page Number 214:¬†Boost Your Speaking Opportunities with PR - Leverage your media mentions to unlock coveted speaking engagements, amplifying your authority in the industry.
  • Page Number 215:¬†Enhance Your Publishing Chances through PR - Stand out in publishing platforms by spotlighting your media mentions, solidifying your status as a sought-after expert.


Part 4: Questions and Answers

  • Page Number 220:¬†Optimize & Measure Your Outreach Impact - Ensure maximum effectiveness in your PR outreach. Dive deep into strategies to boost response rates and tailor pitches that resonate.
  • Page Number 221:¬†Forge a Powerful Personal Brand with PR - Define, cultivate, and elevate your personal brand, leveraging PR strategies to position yourself as a thought leader in your domain.
  • Page Number 223:¬†Understand the Real Power of Press Releases in PR - Get insights on why direct pitching is the new gold standard and how to make each pitch resonate more than a generic press release.
  • Page Number 229:¬†Prep Executives for Game-Changing Media Interviews - Arm your executives with key techniques for successful media interviews, from message crafting to mastering their presence on camera.


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Unveil the secrets of transformative PR strategies used by industry giants! Dive deep into the heart of publicity, master the pitch game, and skyrocket your brand. ūüöÄ

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The PR Landscape Is Evolving...

Let's delve deeper into this:

I hit my first significant PR milestone over two decades ago. I was still relatively fresh in my professional journey and the astounding part was... I was still learning the ropes.

Because back in those days, it wasn’t a Herculean task to get media attention.

Getting media features was straightforward, press releases were a novelty, and companies were thrilled about new channels of communication.

Flash forward to now, and the scenario has shifted:

#1: Getting Media Features is no Longer Simple.

In the early days of PR, a well-timed press release or a well-placed phone call could secure a media feature.

Today, media outlets are flooded with stories, pitches, and releases every single day.

The competition is fierce, and standing out in such a crowded space requires more than just a compelling narrative. It demands an understanding of the media landscape, the right contacts, and a strategic approach.

While this might sound daunting, PR Power Play will equip you with a streamlined strategy. Within its pages, you'll discover the tools and insights to navigate this intricate terrain, ensuring your stories resonate and find their rightful spot in the limelight.


#2: Press Releases Don't Generate the Results They Used to

While press releases still hold value as a traditional PR tool, relying solely on them can leave vast opportunities untapped. The digital age has ushered in diverse media formats ‚Äď podcasts, webinars, online features, influencer collaborations, and more.

PR Power Play goes beyond the conventional, introducing you to a world of PR opportunities you might not have even considered.

It's not just about informing the media; it's about captivating them.

By diversifying your PR approach and understanding where your audience truly engages, you position your brand for optimal visibility and impact.


#3: The Media is More Discerning Than Ever Before

It's no longer enough to merely have a story; it's about having the right story.

Journalists and media professionals are meticulous, seeking narratives that not only align with their outlet's ethos but resonate with their readership. In a world with a constant news cycle and a plethora of stories vying for attention, yours needs to be sharp, relevant, and timely.

Through "PR Power Play", you'll gain insights into crafting pitches that are not just heard, but remembered. Learn the nuances of what makes a story truly magnetic and how to tailor your narrative for different media platforms. It’s not just about reaching the media; it’s about forming a lasting bond with them.


You Need to Resonate Powerfully: Human-to-Human

Being in the PR realm, you need to grasp that outlets are more wary, more questioning, and more discerning about the narratives they amplify.

Whether your approach involves targeted pitching, media events, or other strategies, the playing field is tougher.

Amplifying this challenge, your ideal media contacts are swamped with pitches. The influx of similar stories has skyrocketed. Simply put, their interaction with your story is often déjà vu.

Entry thresholds have plummeted. With a few clicks and zest, anyone can claim the title of an "industry expert".

So, amidst this PR cacophony, what's your beacon?

A human first approach at knowing:

  • who to pitch
  • what stories to pitch
  • how to pitch
  • and ultimately, why¬†you‚Äôre pitching at all

Most importantly, you'll be able to stitch all of this together in a coherent and easy-to-implement strategy that can be managed on a few hours per week.

Using this strategy I've generated over a billion media impressions every single month.

Is it due to my unparalleled PR prowess? Hardly.

It’s the result of a proven  PR strategy that anyone can learn.

I'm excited to walk you through the park!

What Others are Saying About the PR Power Play

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For a limited time only, you can download your copy of the PR Power Play book today for a one-time only $4.99. 


(And if you'd prefer to listen to the audio version instead, we've included it for FREE if you purchase today as an added bonus.)


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Bonus: Develop Your Dream 100 

Total Value: $97.00


Ever dreamt of being featured in the top publications that can skyrocket your brand's visibility and authority? This guide is your roadmap to identifying those influential¬†publications¬†that have the audience you need to get in front of. Dive into an actionable strategy to pinpoint and prioritize the top 100 publications that, if tapped rightly, can propel your brand to unprecedented heights. Your dream media list is no longer a fantasy ‚Äď it's a tangible goal.

What's the Catch?

If our ‚ÄúPR Power Play‚ÄĚ works so well, why are we teaching it to you? For only $4.99?‚ÄĚ

Here's why:

Our goal with this book for you to read it, love it, & eventually hire us & our team to help you implement what’s inside.

The best way to prove to someone that you can help them ...

... is to actually help them.

So this is our way of helping you … to prove to you that we can help you.

So that …

Someday if you need help implementing the strategies in the book, you'll reach out to us.

Sound fair?


Here is Our 365 Day Money Back Guarantee...

We 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, or we'll return your $4.99 and let you keep the book and all of the bonuses.

Simply email us¬†at [email protected]¬†and we'll give you back your money with no question asked ... and we'll let you keep everything included... as our gift to you.


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✅ Thought Leadership: A Guide ($49.00 Value)
✅ Develop Your Dream 100 ($97.00 Value) 

Total Value: $315

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